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User Manual 2

Section Contents
  • Table of Contents

  • Starting Icon Library - Shortcut, ICL file, Shareware Popup
    Methods of starting Icon Library and reason for shareware popup.

  • Options Menu - Loading Menus, Selecting Colors, Icon Menus
    Registered/Shareware Menus, Background and BMP Transparency Colors.

  • Icon Menus - Displaying Icons, Extracting Icons, ICO, BMP, Shareware Topics.
    Click on icons in display to extract and save the selected icon.

  • Customize Your Menus - Your Own Icons, Icolib.INI, Third Party Utilities
    Add your own ICL files to the library, INI file format, useful icon programs.

  • More Help - About Box, Web Page, Contact Details, Samples
    What is in the About Box and the Icon Library web page, where to send email.

Options Menu
  1. You can control come aspects of Icon Library by selecting items in the 'Options' menu. These options allow you to load new icon menus, change colors, clear the application window or exit the program.

    Options Menu

  2. The Registered Menu option (also called New Menu in the registered version of the application) allows you to reload the Icon Library menu according to the contents of the icolib.ini file. Normally, you will not need this option unless you have added an icon category, re-arranged the positions of the menu items, renamed any of the categories, or put the ICL files into a different folder. In other words, if you make any change to the icolib.ini file, this option lets you reload the menus without having to restart the program. Here is a description of the icolib.ini file structure.

  3. The Shareware Menu option is only provided in the shareware version of Icon Library because there is no need for it in the full registered version. Many of the icon categories do not contain icons in the shareware version. The icon categories actually containing icons have (SHAREWARE) appended to the description so you can see at a glance which ones they are. The categories with icons are scattered throughout the overall collection and so may be inconvenient for you to find them all. This option brings all the shareware categories together into a single reduced set of menus by loading the special icolib.in2 configuration file. An example of the reduced menus looks like this.

    Reduced Icon Menu

  4. The Background Color option allows you to change the color of the Icon Library window so you can see what the displayed icons look like with different colored backgrounds. Often the icons will appear to be different when the background has been changed. Selecting this menu will display the standard Windows color selector. The default color is white.

    Windows Color Sector

    Here are a couple of examples of how icons look with different backgrounds.

    White Background

    Dark Green Background

  5. When you save an icon as a BITMAP file, you can specify the color representing the TRANSPARENCY COLOR. The BMP Transparent Color option lets you select this color. Where ever this color appears in a BITMAP image, the background will show through. If you save the icon as an ICO icon file, there is no need to specify this color because it is already built into the ICO format. The same Windows color selector shown in the previous paragraph is used to chose a transparency color.

  6. The Clear Screen option simply removes all icons from the display and only shows the selected (or default) background color. Icons are NOT deleted from your disk drive by this option. Only the display is cleared.

  7. Click on Exit to close the program. Of course, you can also stop the program with the standard Windows close control X located at the top-right corner of the Icon Library window.

  8. Most of the remaining menu items on the Icon Library menu bar provide a means for selecting from the large number of categories available with this icon collection.

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