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User Manual 5

Section Contents
  • Table of Contents

  • Starting Icon Library - Shortcut, ICL file, Shareware Popup
    Methods of starting Icon Library and reason for shareware popup.

  • Options Menu - Loading Menus, Selecting Colors, Icon Menus
    Registered/Shareware Menus, Background and BMP Transparency Colors.

  • Icon Menus - Displaying Icons, Extracting Icons, ICO, BMP, Shareware Topics.
    Click on icons in display to extract and save the selected icon.

  • Customize Your Menus - Your Own Icons, Icolib.INI, Third Party Utilities
    Add your own ICL files to the library, INI file format, useful icon programs.

  • More Help - About Box, Web Page, Contact Details, Samples
    What is in the About Box and the Icon Library web page, where to send email.

More Help
  1. The last menu item in the Icon Library menu bar is the 'Help' menu. This only contains a single drop-down item About Icon Library... which displays a pop-up display with program version information and contact details for further information. If the program is the shareware version, the popup window also asks the user to register.

    About Box

  2. Click on the OK button to close this window.

  3. You can obtain more information about Icon Library from my web page at, including many sample images of icon categories not included in the shareware version of the program. These sample images show all the icons available in the registered version of the program, however, they have been blurred a little to provide incentive for people to register Icon Library.

  4. I can be contacted by email at if you have any questions regarding Icon Library.

  5. A single license for Icon Library is US$19. You can register in several ways. If you are connected to the Internet, you can order immediately by clicking on one of the graphic links.

    • Use your credit card or PayPal credits.

      Pay by Credit Card
      Pay with PayPal

    • Use your credit card through the Digibuy ordering service.

      Pay by Credit Card
      Pay with DigiBuy

    • Send a personal check, bank check or cash in the post. Fill in this form and send it with your payment to:

      Steve Balogh
      PO Box 414
      Caulfield East
      Melbourne, Victoria
      AUSTRALIA. 3145

  6. You can also obtain discounted multiple licenses by clicking on the DigiBuy ordering service.

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